'Moving Toward a Fruitful Nation' is the seminal work that has given impetus to a growing body of works in the field of Empowernomics, a philosophy that is grounded in the understanding - and fulfilling - of God's purpose for mankind on earth.


Our existence is not merely a natural and material process; it is the indwelling essence of God that provides things natural with the ability to serve an eternal purpose. Living is the ability to operate fully as God operates. Life is spiritual, ideational, and conceptual. The only true evidence that we possess the life given by God is that we produce the fruit of His Spirit: love, joy, peace, goodness, meekness, temperance, long suffering, mercy, kindness…This book is a guide to true discipleship based on the sayings of Christ. All understanding and comprehension of God’s purpose and divine expectations are articulated and defined by Jesus who is the Word made flesh.


“Empowernomics: understanding the system of God’s purpose for mankind - an Outline of the Core Teachings of Rev. GENE C. BRADFORD” By Nana S. Achampong

This is an effort to invite Christians to a journey of understanding the system of God’s purpose for mankind. It is an on Outline of the core teachings of Rev. GENE C. BRADFORD. Like the governor Nehemiah says of the skilled scribe Ezra, Bradford “read[s] distinctly from the book, in the Law of God; and … [gives] the sense, and help[s] [us]… to understand the reading”. He speaks about pain and problems. For instance, he explains that these are experiences that Christians have to go through. Or there would be no Calvary, and therefore no salvation. “Why then do you pray your problems away? You are supposed to endure and learn from them so that God may be glorified. Remember that it rains on both the sinner and the righteous alike,” he says.

This book explores the underlying themes that run through the teachings of the teacher Rev. Gene C. Bradford.