Our Approach to Ministry

Welcome to www.gcbradford.com. The purpose of this website and of the ministry of Pastor Bradford is to make more meaningful and facilitate the practical application of the teachings of Christ to vital issues of our time. Prime among these eternal principles is the need to prioritize our lives consistent with the priorities of our Savior. These are "love the lord with all your heart, mind and spirit" and "your neighbor as yourself". This principle is vital in a world where individuality, selfishness and materialism have diminished the underlying doctrines of Christ.

This de-emphasis of Christ's teaching has led to the establishment of government, social and economic systems that reflect the incompetence and imbalance in the pursuit of purposive objectives. Hence the world, the nation, our communities, our families and each individual continually searches for meaning in sensate values, hopes, concepts, ideas, systems and strategies which are contrary to the kingdom of God.

It is our teaching that kingdom concepts such as optimum development of human potential and creativity, elimination of unfair and discriminatory socio-economic systems, concern for the environment, and the like can become self-defeating if approached in a linear fashion unbalanced by a holistic view of what God requires.

We believe that the two-fold commandment of Christ - love of God, and love of neighbor - is the context that balances and rationalizes all worthy and meaningful pursuits in life. We believe that the major issue in society today is the absence of spiritual goals which would balance other worthy objectives so that holism would enhance and harmonize multiple desirable objectives with an overall humane rationale. In this context, linear thinking would not be possible because the prime objectives of human endeavor will always counterbalance competing sub-objectives.

We believe that many systems which promote human development, profit, environmental concerns, social order, democracy, constitutional rights, and civil rights must be rationalized with each other by an overall concept of righteousness and good. Absent this overall concept of value and right, families cannot survive; communities disintegrate; nations war; politicians place blame; individuals lose their mind; government destroys the values it promotes, and frustration multiplies to the extent that all will pray for peace when there is no basis for peace.

There are several methods by which this ministry shall attempt to provide insight, analysis and prophecy relative to the applications of the teachings of Jesus. On Facebook, our group The Equity Movement offers a community platform that encourages self-help; On Youtube, snippets of analyses are streamed; on Blogtalkradio, archived broadcasts dealing with issues of equity and balance are available for listening; while regular blogs are written on Blogspot. Join us now and, together, let us establish the peaceful, empowering, balanced and righteous kingdom of God right here on earth.